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Real estate services are rapidly transitioning into the digital age. We provide the consulting, staffing, and operational capabilities to help brokerages make this transition successfully, by improving operational effectiveness, reducing time to execution, and enhancing intelligence & decision making, all of which ultimately improves the customer experience which is the pillar of maintaining competitiveness and profitability.

Global reach. Localized and customized personal service. Intelligent & efficient processes. The human touch.
World class scalable solutions for the real estate industry. 

We help organizations execute their strategies and meet their business challenges more effectively through our customized front end and back end digital services. We combine the right talent, technology, and processes to drive results.  

Our formula is simple. We work with the world’s best organizations, which allows us to attract the best talent. We develop that talent and provide the best environment and technology to support them, and that delivers results.


Integrity, Excellence, & Trust: Do things right every time or not at all. Speak up, tell the truth, be transparent, keep things simple, have a strong work ethic, take ownership, be accountable, and have each other’s backs. Follow through on what you say you're going to do. Strive towards perfection. We get more done, quicker, at a higher quality, with less resources, and....drama free. How? Great people and processes that never stop improving.

Continuous Improvement & Curiosity: We never stop learning and looking for ways to be better and do things better.  We keep growing and developing our own individual capabilities to be more effective in our business and our personal lives. We constantly stretch our capabilities and navigate the discomfort and uncertainty that may come with that growth. If it's not a little uncomfortable, we are not pushing ourselves enough. The day things feel stale or comfortable is the day we likely begin deteriorating as individuals and as a company.

Velocity: Move fast, make decisions, try new things, and never ever stop moving forward.  Execution is more important than your ideas because you can always adjust your ideas as you learn more when you execute.  Planning and risk management are critical components of execution. 

Service: Adapting to and anticipating the needs of our clients, our colleagues, our families, and our communities. Professionalism, fair dealing, transparency, confidentiality, respect, and hospitality are at the core of who we are.  Take care of one another and always be kind.  We always do our best for each other.

Partnership & Relationships: We work together with each other, our clients, our business partners, our communities, and we both support and challenge one another to be better. Everyone works together to bring everyone up, and it is critical for us to both constantly seek help and help each other so we can move onwards and upwards together as one.

Creativity, Authenticity, Character, & Humanity: Make things fun and exciting when you can and when it makes sense, particularly when it often just takes only incremental effort.  Just don't be unnecessarily boring... please. If we're going to work hard and spend all this time together, we might as well have fun while we're at it. Excellence doesn't just apply to operational excellence as a business. We must carry that excellence in between our lives at work and our personal lives since it is quite difficult for excellence to exist siloed in one area and not the other. Make both your work environment and personal environments one that thrives with humanity, creativity, authenticity, and all the best that life has to offer. 


Always Be Useful & Make Things Better: Add value by solving problems and reducing frictions by creating simple and elegant solutions for complex problems, or for simple problems that are frequent enough that they warrant our focus. Develop this skill and it will be your super power that you can take wherever you go in life. It’s a skill that gets better with practice through experience and accumulating knowledge.

Every Day is Day One: Every day is a fresh start to decide what we are going to do to succeed. Reflect on what we need to do to take the next best step to make the most progress. Re-prioritize what you must. It doesn’t matter how good or bad we did yesterday. We always start where we are, and make the next best move possible. As long as we give it our best and improve as rapidly as we can to the best of our abilities, that is success.

Long Term High Performance: We constantly raise the bar on who we hire and let in. This is not a place for low performers, people looking to coast along or people that need too much hand holding. We need a winning team mindset.

Mission Driven: If you don’t understand why what we are doing is so important, let me know, and I will try and communicate it better. If after a month, you still find yourself not knowing or caring about the work, please quit and find the work that is meaningful to you. We need people that truly understand and care about our customers and the work that we are doing.

People First: To attract the best and the brightest, and to consistently deliver amazing results, we have to be continuously developing as individuals and ensure that our employees are well taken care of. Happy & healthy people means a fantastic work environment and the best performance possible. Employee experience is just as important as customer experience.



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